Woop News

your social news channel for friends and family

Woop news started as a simple idea, we quickly realized the potential of this project and after a lot of hard work we are finally pleased to present the very first version of this amazing app

We hope you will enjoy it and have many nice moments!


Several updates with amazing content are already on the table, all we need is you and your friends to join our community

Woop News makes it easy to capture and share all world events. Follow friends and family, you can explore world-wide accounts that share things you want to follow, join the Woop community, and express yourself by sharing all the news moments in your life.

What can I use Woop News for?

  • Take photos, share moments and experiences in your life and everyone around you
  • Create your own news articles the way you want to read them
  • Post anonymously if there is something you do not want others to know that you posted
  • Make a comment in a post you like or dislike
  • Find stories and posts you like to follow
  • Share your and others' posts in social media
  • Look for events and other posts in the map
  • Click the button for "Real news" or "Fake news" and see people's opinion